Island Dispatch #1 - Glassware Pre-Order Rundowns

Island Dispatch #1 - Glassware Pre-Order Rundowns

Amity Island Gift Shop is live on it's own DotCom and this is an awesome thing to see come to fruition. When I started selling my artwork, it was always in the back of my mind that my own website to sell on (and not rely on Etsy) was where I wanted to get to. Having my own site allows me to do different things with product offerings that I couldn't do on Etsy. The main thing is Pre-Orders on items.

Pre-Ordering Glasses

At launch, AIGS is offering up on pre-order THREE unique and limited run glasses. I'm a small shop and selling glasses with my artwork is a very rad thing to do. I've had success working with a brewery in the past that way (shout out to Alternate Ending, the greatest of them all!), but now that I'm doing this solo and relying on word of mouth? I can't stock 48x3 designs, I just don't have the budget for it.

That's why I'm initiating the MIL system. Once the "minimum interest level" of any glass is hit (in this case, 20 glasses on a design is sold), then I'm placing the production run order for that particular glass. Glasses will be up for pre-order for 60 days. If we don't hit the MIL for that order, then your order gets refunded entirely.

I'm hoping all of these glasses hit that MIL and start shipping out end of Mid April/Early May. Excellent Father's Day gift idea? You bet!

The First Three:

  • Quint on Deck - Jaws Inspired featuring the greatest fisherman in cinema, Quint!
  • Let's Go Bowling - Big Lebowski Inspired
  • They Come in Pints? - Fellowship of the Ring Inspired

All three will have full organic press printed imagery that will wrap around the very dope 16 oz traditional pint glass. And all three will ship with a special edition sticker featuring the glass' artwork that you purchased with a sign/numbered card stating what number (and of how many) of this limited glass it is.

Help Max Out the Pre-Order!

Do you want this glass sent to you even sooner than the stated timeline? ME TOO! Share with your friends the item link. Talk about it at parties. Whatever you can do is appreciated. We need 20 glasses per design for it to come to fruition. I'll be documenting the progress on each glass design along the way, so you always know how close we are to crossing that MIL.

Pre-Order price includes FREE SHIPPING and once this comes off pre-order, the cost will go up. So helping make the print run happen, saves you some money, too.

The Fine Print

With any pre-order purchase, you understand that your order will not ship until approximately the above stated timeline. Due to manufacturing timelines, the ship date may move out or order is cancelled entirely if "minimum interest level" is not met.

Once the "Minimum Interest Level" is hit, all pre-order customers will be notified via email and the glasses will head into production.

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