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Puddy Game Face - NJ Devils Inspired 3x3 Inch Sticker

Puddy Game Face - NJ Devils Inspired 3x3 Inch Sticker

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"Gotta support the team"

Unleash a wave of awesomeness with our Vinyl Stickers! Bursting with vibrant colors, this sticker is a little circle of radness that’s destined to elevate any surface it graces!

Sticker is 3 inch x 3 inch and ready to rock!

Unrivaled Quality & Durability: Worried about weather woes? These bad boys are from durable, weather-resistant vinyl. Rain, wind, sunlight, scratching, heat – they laugh in the face of danger! These stickers are battle-tested and armed with a special laminate shield, making them invincible to the elements and ensuring they stay as vibrant and vivacious as the day you met them!

Dishwasher Daredevil: Guess what? These stickers are not just weather warriors; they’re dishwasher daredevils too! Pop them in, and watch them emerge brand new, ready for more adventures and awesomeness!

Perfectly Peelable: Featuring a 3 inch x 3 inch circular kiss cut, our stickers are designed for instant peel-and-stick action! Whether it’s your laptop, water bottle, or vehicle of choice, they’re ready to cling and stay put!

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